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Meet the Creative Duo Behind the Lens: Capturing Love Since 2008 

Hello, beautiful couples and cherished readers! We are Dmitriy and Emily Kuzmich, the storytellers and cinematic enthusiasts behind the lens. As a husband and wife team, we've been in the same spot as you. We understand the stress and chaotic energy that surrounds planning a wedding. We wish to make your special day as stress-free and memorable as possible, capturing a love story that unfolds like pages in a cherished novel.

Dmitriy and Emily Kuzmich

Why the magic of weddings, you ask? 

Well, it all began with me (Dmitriy) helping my father photograph weddings. I quickly realized videography is my passion and my creative outlet. I met Emily in 2018, and we filmed our first wedding together a month before our own wedding in September of 2019. Over the years, our lenses have witnessed the heartfelt vows, the stolen glances, and the joy that dances in the air on wedding days.

For us, videography is more than a profession; it's a shared love affair with the art of storytelling. From the hustle of getting ready to the last dance under the stars, we are dedicated to weaving your unique narrative into a visual masterpiece. Our journey started with a camera in hand and a dream to make each wedding story extraordinary.

Being a husband and wife team brings a unique dynamic to our work. We understand the nuances of love, the unspoken moments, and the shared dreams that make each couple extraordinary. Our collaborative approach ensures that your love story is not just captured; it's celebrated in every frame.

In the world of pixels and emotions, we've learned that every wedding is a unique symphony of love waiting to be composed. Our lens is a paintbrush, and your love story is the canvas. With over a decade of experience, we've honed our craft to create timeless films that resonate with the beating heart of your celebration.

So, whether you're sipping coffee while scrolling through this blog or planning the details of your big day, know that we're here to turn your wedding into a visual poem—a celebration of love and a testament to the unique journey you're about to embark on.

Let's create magic together!

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