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Leather Memory Book
  • Leather Memory Book
  • Leather Memory Book
  • Leather Memory Book
  • Leather Memory Book
  • Leather Memory Book

Leather Memory Book

Leather color

The memory book, is a handmade; finely crafted video storage device that is in the shape, feel, and form of a high-quality album. The books have a built-in rechargeable battery**, a built-in speaker, and internal storage to hold your video files. Covers are handmade with 100% vegan leather. With many colors to choose from and customizable text, the buyer can tailor the book to their exact liking.

** charging cable included


Font: Times New Roman, 14 character limit for one line, "&" and "+" symbols available.


The STANDARD cover includes:

  • White leather.

  • The text "OUR WEDDING" on the front cover, in gold.


NO TEXT (Blank Cover) includes:

  • Blank cover with no text.
  • White leather.


CUSTOM books include:

  • Any leather color option.
  • Custom cover text with the choice of 3 main colors. Gold, silver or black.


Button Layout options:

  • 1.) Play/Pause, Vol+, Vol- (single video file)

  • 2.) Play/Pause, Vol-, Vol+, Previous, Next (multiple video files)


Technical info:

  • 7-inch HD screen
  • 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB storage (currently only 1GB models are in stock)
  • 1200mAh battery


5-day handling time

1-5 Days delivery via FedEx/UPS Ground


Instructions on how to upload the video file are included.

Supported file types: AVI/MP4

To fit all the files to device storage, the recommended file resolution is 720p.

1 GB holds upto 1 hour of video if in 720p.

  • There is a 6-mo warranty for the motion book and electrical components. For the warranty to remain valid, the motion book cannot be tampered with or disassembled in any way. If the motion book stops working and the warranty is under 6-mo, a replacement book will be issued and the buyer must return the previous book for recycling. Must use provided charging cable.

    Custom orders are non-refundable. But are due for a replacement if something is wrong with the motion book.

    A refund will only be provided to non-customized books that are not damaged or broken. A non-customized book includes standard white linen or white leather cover with the standard "OUR WEDDING" cover or "No Text (Blank Cover)."

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